We embrace high quality, and therefore our suppliers. That's when we get great meals.

We believe every single food product is essential when it comes to making the perfect meal. Taste, smell, texture and presentation are factors we take into consideration when making a meal. Thats why we embrace quality-conscious suppliers. We mostly use local Oslo-Businesses, as well as carefully selected suppliers from Nordic cities that ensures high competence and quality. 

This is a family-held delicatessen with a great variety in meat products. The shop was created when Ida Strøm met Oskar Larsen in Oslo in 1904. They both knew a lot about meat, but when they merged the store, there were not many in Oslo that could compete with the broad knowledge and experience they held. Today they deliver high quality self-produced meat products to Café Skansen, and enables us to serve perfect meat to our lovely customers. Read more about Strøm-Larsen here.

Laks & Vilt
Seafood and meat-provider Laks & Vilt is an almost 100 year old family held business from Oslo, now run by the fourth generation Katral family. They are passionate about their fine produce, offering quality fish from all around the world. In addition to being fish fanatics, they also offer quality meat of both white and red meat. Read more about Laks & Vilt here.

Trondheim Slaktehus
The family run business from Trondheim, a city right in the middle of Norway, was established in 1919. They specialize in the old technique of dry aging. It usually takes between 35-40 days for beef meat to dry-age well. Their focus on good technique and routines it essential when delivering high quality meat to our restaurant. Read more about Trondheim Slaktehus here.

Fresh fruits and vegetables to all! Bama was established by Christian Marius Emil Matthiessen in 1886. He was the first in Scandinavia to import banans. Bama has since grown to become an international company with great success. Still, it's the focus on quality in all areas that are essential for the production and supply of fruit and vegetables. At Café Skansen we use fruit and vegetables to balance the meal and to highlight individual flavors. Read more about Bama here.

The danish firm Sobogaard was established in 1976 and is considered one of the pioneers of organic farming in Denmark. They have a wide range of organic products, including organic juices, which we are serving at Café Skansen. Choose among the flavors orange, lemon, blueberry, apple or our speciality: The soul warmer. Read more about Søbogaard here.