The new menu has arrived!

Meny valid from January 7. 2019. Freezing cold weather? Come taste our new and exciting fall/winter menu.

With this season's menu, we offer delicious food to suit the season where the northern cold and dark weather approaches. Warming candles, dark nights, cozy outdoor light and a pleasant atmosphere is what Café Skansen is all about this fall. 

Lunch at Cafe Skansen

Try our delicious salad with chèvre chaud, pickled beets, roasted hazelnuts and a balsamic reduction, or beef tartar served with porcini mushroom mayonnaise, pickled onions and Jerusalem artichoke chips. We also serve sandwich of the day and soup of the day. Ask your waiter what's on the menu for the day.

Dinner with family and friends

On our meny you'll find a large selection of dishes with fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. New on the menu this fall is for example Norwegian trout with fried potatoes, cabbage, romanesco and white wine sauce, lamb sirloin served with pumpkin puree, kale, pickled pumpkin and lamb gravy and oven-baked pumpkin. We also have a selection of starters - find your favourite or share multiple starters with the table. 

Sweet tooth

End a fantastic meal with a dessert. New on the menu is our tasty blueberry pie with custard creamand caramelized white chocolate. We also serve dessert of the day. 

We have of course a drink menu with coffee, sodas, wine, beer, cider, and alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. 

See the whole menu and book a table, or just drop by!

We are looking forward to let you taste all of our great new dishes! 
Welcome to our restaurant!